Astrology of Healing - Testimonials

01 Apr 2015 - Testimonial #1

"As a seasoned natural and energy medicine practitioner as well as budding astrologer and evolving soul,  this utterly unique course and teacher is the opportunity I have waited this lifetime for.

Not only is Ingrid unrivaled in her mastery of medical astrology, her profound insight into the human condition and root cause of dis-ease is already refining us students as people and empowering us as practitioners. I am delighted to discover the wise, generous and diverse community in the forum and am reassured by Ingrid's dedication and ability to guide each student personally and the group collectively.

I have encountered stimulating study material before, but none as evocative as Ingrid's beautifully presented lessons; even my heart sings and I find the strength to unravel the knots in the tapestry of my life. I feel privileged to partake of what promises to be her Magnum Opus and then be able to share the gifts that astrology combined with selected healing techniques will give."

Live well,

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