The Qualities: Modes of Adaptation

The Fixed Cross

The Mutable Cross

The Cardinal Cross


This lesson covers the three properties, called in astrology cardinal, fixed, and mutable.  These are similar to the concept of gunas in Eastern philosophy.  Each cross has particular attributes, but each also has one sign in each of the four elements.  So, we will go from ancient humoral theories to the present, get rid of archaic language and interface these important concepts with modern thinking.

In addition to crosses, this lesson sets the stage for a very detailed study of the elements. We will take this knowledge to another level, beyond anything you can find in any astrology textbook. The ancient Greeks felt that the material world cohered or disintegrated as a consequence of the love and hate existing between the elements. The Chinese approach these concepts from another angle and Dr. Carl Jung had another take on the shadow plays between the elements. This work is intensely interesting, practical, and highly original.

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